Moving house can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be with careful planning and by following a few simple guidelines.

Here are our seven top tips to help make moving home go as smoothly as possible.

Have a clear-out

This is a great opportunity to de-junk your home and get rid of things that have been cluttering the place for possibly years. It’s a fresh start, so why not use the opportunity to your advantage? Chuck out things that you haven’t used in years or are broken or not working properly. Do your bit for charity and take good quality items to your local charity shop that be sold for much-needed funds. Think of the environment and take larger items to your local Community Recycling Centre, as they will be able to dispose of these items properly. Check your local council’s online website to see what they can and can’t accept.

Start early

It always takes longer than expected to pack, especially when you find items of nostalgia that you had long since forgotten about, or you have to dismantle furniture to bring with you. So leave yourself plenty of time and start as early as possible, at least one month – six weeks before your move. It’s better to have time to spare when you come to move, than have the stress of trying to pack a full house a couple of days beforehand.

Pack sensibly

It might seem obvious, but when you have so many things to deal with, it is easy to forget these details. Start at the top of the house with your attic, for example, and work your way downwards. Start with less used rooms and finish with the kitchen. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and heavier items at the bottom of boxes. Wrap fragile items carefully with bubble wrap and label every box so you know what it is in. Pack “like with like” – clothes, bed sheets, towels, etc., so it will be easier to find these items at your new home.

Pack a moving day survival kit

Put some basics in one box, so that you have essentials such as a kettle, tea bags, snacks, toilet paper, etc., to hand. It is probably a good idea a pack a small box / bag for every member of the family, so that each person has their own personal items close by. Young children will need a cuddly toy for comfort, as well as some activities to keep them entertained. Don’t forget pet items, including their food and toys. Everyone will also need pyjamas for that night. Remember to to include essential medications that may be needed.

Visit your new area

It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with your new locality. Find out what facilities are near your new home, such as parks for the children and a local corner shop for emergencies. Check the distance you will be living from your workplace and kids’ schools. For children, it will be comforting to see the new area which will help them to adjust when you finally move home.

Create a document box

Keep all essential documents in one handy box, such as legal papers, including deeds, wills, birth and marriage certificates, etc. Keep bank details handy and all the paperwork that you need for your move, including contracts from your new providers, including electrical / gas, water, phone and satellite companies, to ensure a smooth transition between properties.

Hire a Reputable Removals Company

It might seem like you’re saving money by moving your stuff yourself, but believe us, it takes far longer than you would think, can be exhausting, if you’re not used to shifting heaving household items and you have have no “comeback” if anything gets damaged in transit, due to having no insurance or expertise in packing bulky / fragile / heavy items. There will be enough to do on the Big Move Day, without having to carry items in and out of vans / trucks. We will give you a free quote before your move. Calling on the Experts is money well spent.


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